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(Left to right starting in the back) Mr and Mrs LohKamp, Thomas Hubel, Chase Forman, Duncan Moats, Lewis Hicks, Hadrian Carlson, (Front) Ian Mittelstaedt , Jared Roper, Matt Robinett (picture by David Ashton,The Bee) 2013 Awards Dessert

FRC Team 1432 is the oldest FRC team in Portland and was founded by Peter Mahr at Franklin High School with 5 of his advanced metals students. They built a square, sturdy little bot that could hold 3 students sitting on it at one time. It was so strong it scared everyone on the field because when they were scouting teams in the Pit they would find the team sitting on the robot.

We worked out of Franklin High School for 7 years as a free after school program. During that time we kept in school and graduated several students that the school had encouraged to quit and to take a GED course at Portland Community college. One young man that we helped graduate has successfully graduated from Portland State University with a degree in engineering. This young man was destined to be a janitor if he hadn’t discovered team 1432 and the FIRST Robotics program. Because of his participation on the team he got a full ride scholarship.  We have also been able to give the necessary job skills needed for graduates to enter the workforce and get a job with a $15/hr starting salary and with a company that would help them pay for further education and training. One of our alums is the crew chief for the F22 Raptor. They’d make him an officer but he’s having too much fun keeping the Raptor flying.

FRC team 1432 has changed lives and is continuing to change the community around them. Since getting parting ways with Franklin High school in October 2010 and moving to the Ivanhoe Lodge #1 Knights of Pythias we have kept the dream alive by providing a competitive robotics team in SE Portland. Not only do we continue to welcome Franklin High students, but we are now able to accept home-schoolers, online high school students, and students from schools without teams.

If you are unfamiliar with what has been going on this year with our team and are interested take a couple of minutes check out our Facebook page (FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1432) for our latest updates. We’re gearing up for a great 2014 and true to Team 1432′s history we are the little team that just keeps on trying no matter the obstacles.

FIRST team 1432 mentors/parents interviews 2010

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  1. Chris Fox's Gravatar Chris Fox
    November 29, 2010 at 10:01 pm | Permalink


    My parents just sent me the YouTube link to the new article about your situation. It’s a hard situation – and can not believe the principal (spell check your site) is discouraging this if they are not paying the advisers to advise the group. In Maryland, we brought it up as to it being a sports offering, whereas there is football for this group, and FIRST for those who want to be challenged ‘mind-wise’. It was going to be contested via legal action – but the school districts went it to allowing us to be considered a Winter sport. I still do not get ‘paid’, the voucher is used as part of the FIRST fee.

    I’ll email you.

  1. By on December 3, 2010 at 4:59 pm

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